This is a 305 redirect

This might be the most complex of the lot of them, to be honest. A 305 redirect is often used in situations where you're using a load balancer - and in particular if a request is made for that load balancer URL, but you really want them to access the real user-facing URL instead. This is likely quite complex, but also potentially a very useful way to make use of a 305propellertest. Having said that, a lot of these tests might show us that we're absolutely not supposed to be using any of these sorts of redirects, other than just sticking to our normal permanent redirect or our temporary one if that's the right situation.

Here's some more text to help buff out the rest of this page - it's really needed because I want all of the tests to be roughly the same length, and to look different from each other. It's not very fun having to write seven different blocks of text like this though, particularly becasue they contain no valuable or interesting information, and it's just a series of meaningless words designed to pad things out.