This is a 308 redirect

Of the seven different redirects that we're testing (at least, the proper redirects), the 308 redirect sure is one of them. This, interestingly enough, is also a permanent redirect like the one we all know and love, although this has some differences in how it deals with PUT and DELETE requests, I believe. This really isn't seen in the wild very often, so I'm interested to know how search engines deal with a 308propellertest when they come up against it.

This page really needs as much text as all the other articles, and so that's what this paragraph is all about. It's all about telling you that this is copy designed to give us information from the major search engines around how frequently they crawl and index, and what they choose to return in result, for various redirect headers. It's information that might or might not be useful - but we won't know until we test it, and that's what this is all about. Thank you for reading my endless series of words about redirect tests, and if you read the whole thing, then I'm so, so sorry.