This is a 302 redirect

This is a temporary redirect. Like 301s, we tend to know how Google treats them already - so this test really exists to just confirm our suspicions and make sure that our advice is still accurate and up-to-date. In theory, search engines should continue to keep crawling this URL (although it'll be interesting to see how often they crawl it), and shouldn't replace it in the search results with the page that's being 302 redirected to. Just to help with testing things, I'm going to include the phrase 302propellertest to have something unique to search for, in case that throws up anything particularly unexpected or interesting.

Like all the other tests, this copy only exists so that there's some unique, lengthy, kind of dull filler. Again, there's absolutely no reason for you to be reading any of this. Why are you? Why are you reading this. Stop reading it. Please. Please stop reading it.