This is a 303 redirect

This is really where these redirect tests are likely to get interesting. 303 redirects are rarely tested by anyone, and it's interesting to know how search engines deal with them when discovered. They don't often crop up in the wild, which is why we need to create this exact scenario in order to understand how a 303propellertest is treated. Again, that word was only included so I can see whether there's a difference between pages being indexed or crawled - I'm not sure what I'm expcecting to find with that yet, so let's just leave it in and find out.

I need to write some more words about 303 redirects in here, and it's not super interesting or fun so I'll forgive you if you choose to stop reading it. I just need a big old chunk of completely unique text so that all of these pages are different enough from each other. And that's what this is. Thanks, you can stop reading now.