This is the control for the capitalised URL experiment

Every good experiment needs a control, and this is the control for the test where different content is displayed depending on whether the URL is capitalised or not. In this case, it's possible to uppercase the URL but this time around, the content is identical.

In theory, search engines should treat this as if it's duplicate content and they should filter out one of these pages, even though they're both linked to and referenced in the XML sitemap. Both URLs will potentially still end up indexed though (they are both referenced after all) but it's very likely that they'll be hidden behind the omitted pages link on the SERP.

You can stop reading this text - it only really exists so that there's a sufficient amount of content on the page to make it different from the other pages on this domain, as the test is unlikely to be particularly significant if there's only a very small amount of page copy. Also it's handy because you can search for any part of this text to see if it's been indexed, and also to see if it then actually gets returned.